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The SB21 Team was very excited to present at the ISTE 2017 summer conference in San Antonio, Tx. The ISTE conference marked the public release of the the LeaderShift 2020 professional learning series which provides prospective and practicing educational leaders throughout the globe with a comprehensive framework based on 6 pillars, 35 elements, and 229 indicators to foster the instructional leadership essential to promote modern schooling and, in turn, best prepare our students for their life and work in this unprecedented, complex and complicated world. SB21 Pulse Baseline Assessment

As a means of practicing what we preach, the SB21 Team has also created and aligned a robust online collaborative community platform to support the LeaderShift team members across the globe.

PD2Degree Community Updates

Lastly, we are working on a PD2Degree professional development project with Lamar University and Ramapo College. The goal is to provide an opportunity for passionate educations to participate our LeaderShift program as a means to obtain professional development credits or for post graduate degree credits. For future updates on our PD2Degree program please reference the SpringBoard21 website.

SpringBoard21 PD2Degree Updates

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Nicky Mohan

Nicky Mohan

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Dr. Nicky Mohan is a global citizen by choice. Born and raised in South Africa, she now shares her time between New Zealand and Canada. Nicky has been a classroom teacher, a school and university leader, an instructional designer, a business sector manager, a co-operate trainer and an international speaker. After working in the public education system for more than 20 years in both South Africa and New Zealand, she moved to the private sector, joining Workbase (New Zealand)- Educational Service Provider in 2006 as Learning and Development Manager. Her principal responsibility was for the design and delivery of Workbase’s professional development courses and resource materials.

In 2008, she moved to the University of Waikato as a Team Leader for Numeracy developers. In that role, she was responsible for delivery and assessment of the National Certificate in Adult Literacy Education (NCALE) Train the Trainer workshops and the development of online material for numeracy (Avallain) as well as post NCALE workshops for graduates of the NCALE (Vocational) course. During her time at Workbase and the University of Waikato, she worked extensively with trainers throughout New Zealand from various PTO’s, ITO’s and PolyTechs.

Dr. Mohan then worked as the Director of Curriculum for the 21st Century Fluency Group (Canada). She led a team of international writers in designing instructional units that embedded the 21st Century Fluency skills to develop real-world, just-in-time teaching and learning (JiTTL) experiences that were relevant to both teachers and students. Nicky is currently the Managing Partner of the InfoSavvy Group (Canada) and Director and co-founder of SpringBoard21 (USA), international educational consulting firms. During the last ten years, she has made hundreds of presentations in more than 20 countries.

Nicky has co-written four books including Making School a Game Worth Playing, Game-on: Using Digital Games for 21st Century Teaching, Learning & Assessment, the award-winning Reinventing Learning for the Always-on Generation and her latest Leadeshift 2020: Reinventing Our Schools for Extraordinary and Uncertain Times. She is currently working on two new books. Being a global citizen, Nicky wants to make a difference where it matters most – and that starts with education. Her mission is to help teachers from different settings and working conditions look beyond their surface differences, to discover what they have in common: a relentless drive to improve learning for all of their students. Most of all, she wants our conversations as educators to shift from “why that won’t work here,” to “learn, adapt, share and grow together.”