Our services are offered on-site, online or using blended delivery models. Over the past 10 years, we have collectively worked with clients in more than 80 countries!

Presentations & Workshops
Curriculum Design
Strategic Planning & Assessment
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Presentation & WorkshopsCurriculum DesignStrategic Planning & AssessmentResource Curation

Presentations & WorkshopsPresentations & Workshops

InfoSavvy21 offers provocative, visionary presentations that are both entertaining and inspiring, to help ensure that instruction remains relevant for the modern world.

Our keynotes, extended presentations, and workshops are facilitated by experienced educators. The strategies and techniques introduced are based on current research and have been pressure-tested in real classrooms with real students. Participants will come away from our sessions with practical techniques that can be directly implemented with students.

We offer presentations on a diverse series of topics including:

  • The Future of Teaching and Learning
  • The Digital Generation
  • Beyond Literacy to Fluency
  • New Media and Digital Citizenship
  • 21st Century Leadership

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Curriculum DesignCurriculum Design

InfoSavvy21 offers curriculum design that is threaded with 9 essential long term skills that students need for success in the modern world.

Our instructional approach empowers educators to meet national, state or provincial standards, while at the same time addressing the 21st Century competencies often overlooked by such standards. Our curriculum design is tailored to meet the needs of individual schools and districts. We aim to inspire educators with practical tools and guide their leadership toward fostering an environment supportive of change.



Strategic Planning & AssessmentStrategic Planning & Assessment

InfoSavvy21 offers customized learning plans for schools, districts, and divisions based data gathered using our innovative auditing tools.

We take an accurate snapshot of the current educational practices in your organization and set a baseline for defining the gap between what is and what could be. Our clients receive an extensive plan tailored to their needs, which is based on the information gathered from both data analysis and in-school observation.



Resource CurationResource Curation

InfoSavvy21 offers a number of courses, online tools, and digital resources.

We provide educators with the information and support they need to deliver the most up-to-date, relevant instruction possible. In addition to our collection of free resources, we’ve also authored a number of educational books and guides available for purchase.




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If you have any questions about our presentations, services, workshops, published resources, or strategic planning process, please leave us a short message describing how we can help. One of our team members will follow up to discuss how we may be of service to your organization. The Infosavvy21 team is excited to work with organizations who are seeking to implement and support modern teaching, learning, and assessment practices.