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The Future of Teaching and LearningThe Future of Teaching and Learning

This series examines education as a futures business. Educators need to become futurists so they can move beyond their existing assumptions about teaching, learning, and assessment. The presentations outline a range of practical and explicit strategies that blend the best of what we currently do in the classroom with new approaches that address the changing realities of the modern world and modern students.

These presentations can be customized for your organization to highlight global educational trends, instructional models of the future, and critical 21st-century learning skills.




IS_Prez-DigitalThe Digital Generation

This series looks at the digital generation and the different way in which they learn. In an age of profound change, we face a fundamentally different kind of student. A student whose experiences, expectations and assumptions about the world they live in have already begun to force us to fundamentally rethink teaching, learning, and assessment.

These presentations can be customized for your organization to highlight the core attributes of the digital generation, gaming strategies and motivation, new media tools for learning, and debunking educational myths.




Moving Beyond Literacy to FluencyMoving Beyond Literacy to Fluency

This series focuses on the new basics for learning in the 21st Century. The future will have different challenges, different learner requirements, and require different learning tools. We need to equip students with a new and fundamentally different set of skills so that they thrive in the new global economy.

These presentations can be customized for your organization to highlight teaching the new basics, the Just-In-Time Teaching and Learning (JITTL) Model, 21st-century lesson planning, information authentication, and using rubrics for teaching, learning and assessment.




New Media and Digital CitizenshipNew Media and Digital Citizenship

This series takes a looks a the digital landscape and the opportunities and challenges facing teachers and learners in this new environment. These presentations focus on using technology not only responsibly, but creatively and effectively too.

These presentations can be customized for your organization to highlight technological trends, digital storytelling in the classroom, and new media tools for teaching and learning.




IS_Prez-Planning21st Century Leadership and Planning

This series outlines the process of designing and implementing an educational audit to help understand the current state of educational practices (teaching, learning, and assessment) in your organization. It provides a snapshot of all of the factors that could influence successful program implementation –  the objectives, the planning process, the schedule for creating the plan, who is to be involved, the information to be gathered and the planning outcomes needed.

These presentations can be customized for your organization to highlight the alignment of technology initiatives with instructional goals, shifting educational administration paradigms, and reinventing the modern classroom.



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